Der Stürmer & Wodulf - Paulistarum Terra Mater Live (2021)

Der Stürmer & Wodulf - Paulistarum Terra Mater Live (2021)

Artist: Der Stürmer & Wodulf
Album: Paulistarum Terra Mater Live
Label: IG Farben / self released
Year: 2021
Genre: NS Black Metal
Country: Greece
Format: mp3@320 kbps
Size: 126 mb
Covers: yes

Der Stürmer

01. Der Stürmer (Intro)
02. Those Who Lived and Died Like Heroes
03. Antiochos Antitheos
04. They've Got Attacked by the Werewolves
05. Dawning Israel's Perdition
06. Himmelstürmer
07. Mors Triumphalis
08. When Totenkopf Rises


09. Adoration upon the Shroud of the Nosferatic Corpse (Intro)
10. Doomed by the Scythe of Disease
11. Resound the Hooves of the Army of the Deceased
12. A Black Skullbanner Appeared from the Corpsegates
13. Hanged Among the Old Trees

* recorded live in São Paulo​, Brazil, October 26th 2019


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Category: METAL, Black Metal, SPLITS & SAMPLERS, Splits, Greece

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