Juden Mord - Arbeit Macht Frei (Re-Released) (2006)

Juden Mord - Arbeit Macht Frei (Re-Released) (2006)

Artist: Juden Mord
Album: Arbeit Macht Frei (Re-Released)
Label: White Eagle Records
Year: 2006
Genre: RAC
Country: Slovakia
Format: Mp3@320 kbps
Size: 63MB
Scans: Yes

01. Juden Mord
02. Cigánsky problém
03. Svindelkaust
04. Zrada
05. Kamaráti na Stráz
06. Prúser
07. Balada o svini, kryse a vlkovi
08. Rodina
09. Národná
10. Mám ludi rád


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Category: ROCK, RAC, Slovakia

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