Whitelaw - Kick The Reds In (2019)

Whitelaw - Kick The Reds In (2019)

Artist: Whitelaw
Album: Kick The Reds In (Remastered)
Label: Midgård Records
Year: 2019
Genre: RAC
Country: United Kingdom
Format: mp3@320 kbps
Size: 146 mb
Scans: yes

01. Kick The Reds In
02. Home Sweet Home
03. Red Star
04. They Wanna Be Me
05. What You Gonna Do
06. I Don't Know
07. We Warned You
08. We Get Nothing
09. Deutsche Youth
10. For White Pride
11. Red Fool
12. Wardog


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Category: ROCK, RAC, U.K.

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