Das Reich ‎- Triumph Of The Will (2020)

Das Reich ‎- Triumph Of The Will (2020)

Artist: Das Reich
Album: Triumph Of The Will (LP, Remastered)
Label: self released
Year: 2020
Genre: RAC
Country: USA
Format: mp3@320 kbps
Size: 63 mb
Covers: yes

01. Die Fahne Hoch (Intro)
02. Wich Way White Man
03. Stukas Over D.C.
04. We Will Keep Fighting
05. Ballad Of Earl Turner
06. Until We Win
07. White America
08. Other Losses
09. A Gun In My Hand ("88" Lines & 14 Words)
10. Voice Of America


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Category: ROCK, RAC, U.S.A.

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