Moon Man - Summer of Hate (2020)

Moon Man - Summer of Hate (2020)

Artist: Moon Man
Album: Summer of Hate
Label: Moon Central
Year: 2020
Genre: Rap / Parody
Country: USA
Format: mp3@vbr
Size: 80 mb

01. Ten Siege Commandments
02. This Is How We Do It
03. White Summer Vacation
04. Pork Skins
05. Doing It Whitely
06. Get Lynching
07. Let's Talk About Blacks
08. Nogs Chimp Out
09. Woodchippered Niggers
10. The Way We Bowl
11. The Moonist
12. Feels Like Race War
13. Bring Me My Sunglasses
14. What Do You Take Us For?


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Category: ELECTRONIC, Other electronic, U.S.A.

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