Bigger Neater - Action Power! (2021)

Bigger Neater - Action Power! (2021)

Artist: BiggerNeater
Album: Action Power!
Label: Defeat Never Victory Forever
Year: 2021
Genre: Industrial Metal / Grindcore / Noise
Country: USA
Format: mp3@vbr
Size: 43 mb
Scans: yes

01. Total Niggerdeath Now!
02. Fascist Order Now!
03. This is a Neo Nazi Organization
04. I Hate Balmer
05. Don't Consume Anything!
06. Racial Holy War!
07. Fuck the Police!
08. No More Jewish Rule!
09. Not For You (Brethren Remix)
10. Watching You
11. We're Everywhere!
12. HH (hidden track)


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Category: CORE, Grindcore, ELECTRONIC, Electro / Industrial, Noise, U.S.A.

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