Blood Red Eagle - Australiana (2021)

Blood Red Eagle - Australiana (2021)

Artist: Blood Red Eagle
Album: Australiana (LP, Re-Edition)
Label: Pure Impact
Year: 2021
Genre: RAC / Viking rock
Country: Australia
Format: mp3@320 kbps
Size: 114 mb

01. Into Memory
02. Jormungand
03. Nations Of The Forgotten
04. As The Winds Change Direction (Part 1)
05. The Age Of Discontent
06. Traitor
07. Eureka Song
08. Tying The Noose
09. To Update The Bible With The Times
10. Songs Of Wolves
11. As The Hammer Falls
12. Boots And Braces
13. The Viking Drinking Song
14. Eye Of The Storm


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Category: ROCK, RAC, Viking Rock, Australia

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