Icestorm - The Northern Crusades (2023)

Icestorm - The Northern Crusades (2023)

Artist: Icestorm
Album: The Northern Crusades
Label: self released
Year: 2023
Genre: Metal
Country: Spain
Format: mp3@320 kbps
Size: 79 mb

01. Crusaders of God [Introduction to the Crusaders]
02. Across the Baltic Sea [Ascent of the Northern Campaigns]
03. The Iron Fist on the Lance Shaft [The Teutonic Knights March to War]
04. The Night Before the Battle [Bonfires, Prayers and Songs at the Teutonic Camp]
05. The Power to Fight [Peipus Lake April 5th, 1242 - Dawn of the Battle of the Ice]
06. Clash of Titans [The Battle Begins]
07. The Teutonic Charge [Bishop Hermann of Dorpat Leading the Charge]
08. Fields of Death [Nevsky's Ambush]
09. Novgorod Arise [Defeat of the Teutonic Knights]
10. Triumph of the Pagan Warriors [Lament for the Fallen Ones]


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Category: NEWS, New Releases, METAL, Death Metal, Heavy / Epic / Power Metal, Spain

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